How Proper House Design in Victoria Can Keep You Out of Trouble for The Future?

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Your home should be energy efficient and comfortable for many years to come. For the majority of us, our home will be our most valuable asset. As a result, it’s understandable to desire to construct something that won’t be obsolete in a decade’s time. Some of it is about modern technology and interesting gadgets, but future prepping also entails effective and creative design, eco-friendly measures, and the ability to survive weather repercussions.

A highly professional house designer in Victoria BC would recommend formulating a strong design plan for the future. Whether you’re thinking about starting a family or dealing with the hardships of ageing parents. These are some common elements that you can incorporate into your home design.

1. Make Energy-Efficient Improvements

Any home that claims to be future-proof must have good energy efficiency. The first line of defence against growing gas and energy costs is to address the fabric of your building: the better insulated and airtight the shell is, the more protection you’ll have against rising costs. Aim for the highest level of efficiency your budget will allow, and only consider investing in renewables if you’ve determined that your home is efficient enough to take advantage of its full potential.

2. Smart wiring for future

In our daily lives, we are growing more dependent on technology, and this is reflected in our houses as well. Smart home automation is expected to become commonplace in the near future, and we will be able to manage lighting, security, heating, and cooling, as well as a variety of other devices, using our smartphones. Consider how technology will grow more complex and connected as you upgrade your home, and be sure your wiring can keep up.

3. Make the most of your storage space

We all collect things over time, especially if we have kids. Even small houses can be used for this purpose if they have enough storage. Adding full-height cabinetry is a valuable decision because it maximizes vertical space, allowing for extra storage. A glass door on the cabinet can give it a unique aesthetic while also giving the sense of more space.

4. Equipped with Smart Technology

Smart technology is a rapidly developing trend in house construction and renovation, and it can be a fantastic way to ensure that your home is future-proof. Smart technology allows homeowners to use their smartphones or tablet to manage things like lighting, heating and air conditioning, locks, home monitoring systems, and even appliances. These gadgets don’t have to be expensive to buy and install, yet they add value and livability to your home. 

5. Multipurpose is the new trend 

Certain areas and furniture pieces should be able to serve various purposes so that we are prepared for whatever life throws at us interstate visits, adolescents hosting parties, or new work-from-home arrangements. Modern house designers in Victoria BC highly advise the installation of a second living room that may be used as a playroom, rumpus, home office, guestroom, or all of the above for every member of the family. Our furniture, too, has the potential to work harder for us. A couch bed is always useful, and seek for pieces with additional storage. In a family living area, a coffee table with drawers, for example, might be a better option.

6. Plan for the elderly members

Future-proofing homes to satisfy the demands of elderly residents is a hot trend these days. When upgrading or adding a room, it’s crucial to consider not only how the extra space will be used now, but also how it will be used in a decade or two. Homes with adjustable living spaces that can accommodate changing lifestyles and suit the needs of multi-generational families are becoming increasingly popular.

Although we can’t predict the future, we can look at current lifestyle patterns as well as our own lives and try to anticipate how they will evolve and develop. Rather than becoming a slave to fashion, we should focus on creating a home that is long-lasting, sustainable, and adaptable.

Have you taken steps to make your home future-proof? We’d like to hear your thoughts and experiences 

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